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August 2015

Elite Technologies and Everest Automation are in the media (and for the right reasons!)

Following the success of the installation of a ABB CEMS at the City of Lévis incinerator, TVA News provides coverage.

This year, Elite technologies successfully integrated a state-of-the-art ABB ACF5000 CEM System (Continuous emissions monitoring system) at the city of Lévis incinerator as part of project to greatly improve the overall air quality for their citizens.

Elite Technologies and its representative Everest Automation are very proud to have been selected for this task, having done so at installations in the great majority of Quebec cities with similar installations, such as Montreal and Quebec City.

The ACF5000 is the newest generation of FTIR-based continuous emission monitoring systems from the ABB Frankfurt factory. The heart of the ACF500 is the FTIR analyzer, which is manufactured at ABB’s Quebec factory. This FTIR instrument was designed over an intense 3-year Research & Development effort to introduce a more performing, more robust and lower maintenance FTIR instrument for the ACF5000.

This success recently made French media in Quebec and we are happy to share one of these reports with you by clicking on the the image above (in French).


November 2014

Acquisition of Quebec-based company, Ducova Inc.

It is with great pride that Everest Automation announces the acquisition of Quebec-based company, Ducova inc.

By doing so, Everest gains exceptional expertise with the arrival of its founder Mr. Marc-André Dumais, and his team.

Founded in 1981, Ducova is dedicated to the sector of thermal energy, hence its name "DUmaisCOmbustionVApeur (steam in french)". Their clients come from all industries using steam. Over the years, Ducova has developed specific expertise in the area of conventional boilers, biomass boilers and everything related their operation. This experience has led to the development of the "FIRESAND" fluidized bed biomass boiler.

Added to the services and expertise it provides, Ducova is also Master Distributor for "Flowserve GESTRA" in Canada. GESTRA is the world leader in steam management systems with a full range of renowned products: steam traps, check valves, air-vents, condensate return systems, etc.

In addition, we have the specialists required to design steam networks and select proper equipment for maximum efficiency in applications such as heat exchangers, condensate tanks, etc.

Ducova has recently moved into Everest Automation’s offices situated in Lévis (St-Nicolas) QC on November 7th. All phone and fax numbers as well as email addresses remain unchanged.

About Everest Automation:
Everest Automation is your best choice for instrumentation and control products and services in Eastern Canada. Our increased offering together with our experienced experts in process automation, analytical applications, CEMS, control valves and steam systems, share the same corporate vision: to provide you the necessary elements for your success in a spirit of long term cooperation and trust.


May 2012
The new Quebec Environmental Quality Act: ARE YOU COMPLIANT?

On May 18, 2011, the Quebec government implemented a new law on Environmental Quality (Decree 501-2011).
This law affects the majority of Quebec's industrial sectors:
- Metals & Mining
- Forest Industries
- Oil refineries and petrochemical plants
- Cement
- Crematoriums / incinerators
- Paint and adhesive manufacturers
- And more ...

Many of these standards are already in effect since June 2012 and require that you identify the nature of the contaminants emitted into the atmosphere from your facility to assess quantity or concentration. It will also be necessary to keep a register for a period of 5 years.
Elite Technologies, provides the solutions needed to acquire this information accurately and with minimal maintenance. We also have the expertise and resources to provide you with turnkey systems, training for your technicians and technical support on site, with our experienced technicians, trained and certified by the manufacturers we represent
For specific information on these solutions please contact us at an office nearest you.